About Us

Eduan and Piet

The thought of starting Forex Business University came up when two professional traders and educators saw the need for quality and honest Forex education in the industry. 

Uninformed Potential Forex traders get tricked into spending thousands of their hard earned money on all sorts of useless Forex systems, robots, indicators, etc.  They easily chase all sorts of false promises about huge profits, overnight success, get rich quick systems, etc. 

The Forex industry gave us the lifestyle that most people only dream about and therefore we are passionate about the Forex industry.  We are very proud of this industry and about what we are doing and we will do anything to protect the newcomers to Forex.  

We have decided to plough our knowledge back into Forex as a way to say thank you for what we got from it.  We undertake to help people become successful in Forex in the shortest possible time. 

We undertake to be honest and real to our students and about how we do it.

"We know that getting into contact with the right people in Forex could mean the difference between success and failure."

Piet Swart and Eduan Swart are a father and son pair with more than eight year’s experience in Forex.  Their knowledge and different areas of talent are a perfect fit to serve and teach Forex to anyone and to make them profitable traders.

Both of them are down to earth honest people’s people.  They live in South Africa and are full-time Forex traders and teachers.  They are both committed to give you the personal attention that you need.  We are really looking forward to work with you and to help you to become a success-full trader.