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I have been part of Forex Business University for a while now, and when they asked me if I would be willing to do a testimonial for them, I replied gladly that I will do something for them in return for everything they have done for me....

So, thank you very much for all the golden nuggets of information.  When I started trading Forex, I was alone and had to discover everything by myself, things were not going that well for me.  Since I became a part of Forex Business University it was like I had a mentor who I could turn to whenever I was unsure or needed to know something.  If you are patient and want to learn trading the right way, then this is the place for you.  They are very friendly and willing to help and when you are being trained by successful traders, it really helps you to be more confident in your trading decisions.

I would like to thank you for teaching me to have realistic expectations, good money management and how to be consistent in trading.  I think one of the most important lessons were that it's not about the quantity of your trades, but rather the quality of your trades that matters most.  Thank you for your time to not just teach me trading, but helping me to be profitable.